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Wombaroo Insectivore Rearing Mix

Wombaroo Insectivore Rearing Mix

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Wombaroo Insectivore Bird Rearing Mix is a complete food for rearing and supplementing insectivorous and carnivorous birds, including magpies, kookaburras, birds of prey, and seabirds.


Key Features

High Protein - 52% protein which is the highest level of any commercial bird diet.

Calcium for Bones - balances meat and egg food mixes.

Ideal Live Food Replacer - replicates the nutrient content of an insect or whole prey diet.

Low in Carbohydrates - no wheat, rice or cereal fillers.

Feeding Guide

Prepared food may be stored refrigerated for a day or frozen for up to 2 weeks.

Do not add extra vitamin, mineral or concentrated food supplements to these diets.

To feed as a meat mix:


Mix 10g (1 level scoop) of powder with 20g of minced meat or fish.

A little water may be necessary to moisten the preparation.

Always use good quality meat as a base.

Feed as a maintenance diet to magpies, ravens, kookaburras, frogmouths, raptors and seabirds.

To feed as an egg mix:


Egg mix: Mix 20g (2 level scoops) of powder with 1 large hard-boiled egg.

Mash the egg with a fork and then slowly add the powder to turn into a crumbly mass.

Feed as a maintenance diet to small insectivores (e.g. wrens, robins), waders or to orphaned precocial chicks.

Mix in live insects to encourage intake.

Can also be used as a protein supplement for softbills, songbirds, breeding finches & parrots.

To feed as moist pellets:


Mix 10g (2 level scoops) of powder with 12mL of warm water.

Slowly add the water and mix to a putty-like consistency.

Break small pieces from the prepared mix and roll into pellets for feeding.

Extra water should be offered by mouth when feeding pellets.

Use as a rearing food for orphan magpies, ravens, kookaburras or frogmouths.

To feed as a liquid slurry:


Add 10g (1 level scoop) of powder with 15mL of warm water.

Slowly add water and mix to make a slurry.

Let the mix stand for 2 minutes to absorb all the water.

If too thick, add more water and continue mixing.

Feed at about 30°C using a spoon or syringe and tube.

Use as a force-feeding formula for sick birds or orphaned altricial chicks.

For raptors and seabirds (whole body eaters):


Stuff 10g (1 level scoop) of powder per 100g of whole fish, rodent or day old chick.

Cavities may be stuffed by preparing as a slurry and using a syringe.

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