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Petfood and Wire Sales is your ultimate destination for all things related to pigeons. With a profound expertise in the realms of pigeon racing and fancier culture, we stand as unparalleled pigeon experts. 

We stock, both online & in store, a diverse range of high-quality pigeon products, catering to the unique needs of both racing enthusiasts and devoted pigeon fanciers.

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Within a 3km radius of Moorebank in Sydney, we will deliver your item for FREE.

Pigeon Experts

We are known in the industry as pigeon experts in both racing and fancier culture. We stock an extensive range for all types of pigeons.

Giving Back

We support several charities through our business as we believe in giving. Back to the community.

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Widest Range of Petfood, Supplements Accessories 02 9822 8840.
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Widest Range of Petfood, Supplements Accessories 02 9822 8840.
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Petfood & Wire Sales,
15/19-21 Seton Rd ,Moorebank ,NSW-2170,
Telephone No.02 9822 8840
Petfood and Wire offer a wide range of supplements, food and accessories for livestock, pigeons, cats, dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits.